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Dealership Capabilities


Budget & Needs Allocation

We will assess what you have, what you need, and your allocated budget to develop recommendations. Once your needs are established, Harkel will assist in developing a detailed project budget in the early stages of project planning.

product selection


Each client has unique furniture decision criteria. Harkel will act as consultants in making product recommendations, bringing to you our experience in all facets of the industry from aesthetics to ergonomics.


Drawings & Specifications

Using the latest design technology available (CAP, AutoCAD, Configura), our design support team can convert any generic floor plan/layout and provide detailed specifications and drawings. We can also produce a realistic colour renderings of your products to help you visualize your purchase.


Every site is unique and requires a catered approach by our adaptable team. Harkel maintains relationships with national installation companies, ensuring we have an installation team familiar with each product in every city across the country. These close working relationships ensure that the execution of the project installation will meet and exceed your needs. Harkel will always have our Project Manager on site to ensure the installation team is aware of all project parameters. We also perform a site visit prior to installation to ensure the dimensions are correct.

Post-Installation Clean Up

Every site is move-in ready upon completion. We dispose of all packaging and ensure all furniture is clean prior to leaving the site.

All packaging is also recycled by us

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