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Education Filing & Storage

Education Filing & Storage

43 years of experience and commitment has allowed us to consistently expand our product offering, to meet the reality of educational environments. Today’s spaces need to be flexible and multi-functional.

Our expert staff is familiar with a broad range of furniture options, available from our numerous product partners. Take the stress out of choosing the best furniture pieces for your redesign by working with Harkel Office.

Multi-functional and flexible spaces are the new standard. Spaces must support a diversity of student and staff needs. From increased and varied power and data access to support technology, to intuitive and adjustable furniture that accommodates a range of user needs, sizes and abilities, institutions need to ensure access to learning for all.

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Personal Storage/Lockers

Lockers and personal storage areas are a necessity to keep students’ belongings safe and secure. To ensure that all personal belongings are secure, Harkel Office can help select storage solutions dedicated to maximizing the protection of personal items without compromising style or aesthetics. Harkel Office’s team of experts will provide you with the most innovative and secure locker areas to optimize the safety of your students’ belongings.

Office/Admin Storage (Filing)

Filing solutions are important for educational administrators, in order to keep records and other important documents organized and secure. By providing a variety of layouts, including vertical and horizontal storage solutions, Harkel Office can assist in the selection of administrative storage to maximize your office space. With the support of experts at Harkel Office, your administrative space can be designed with effective organization and storage in mind.

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