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Healthcare Resident Room Furniture

Healthcare Resident Room Furniture


Storage is important in all hospital resident rooms, and cabinets provide a classic storage solution for supplies, personal items, and other necessary items. Cabinets can come in many sizes, colours, and configurations, allowing for extensive storage customization. Harkel Office’s team of experts can help you choose the ideal cabinet storage systems to suit your space.


Integrate storage capabilities and functionality by including dresser storage solutions in your resident and patient rom design plans. Able to hold up to vigorous cleaning and daily use, Harkel Office’s range of dresser solutions can solve your storage needs, while giving resident rooms a residential ambience.


Wardrobe solutions are the perfect way to store patient or residents’ personal effects, including clothing, outerwear, or other large items. With configurations to suit both long-term and acute care applications, and inclusive of specialized safety features, wardrobe storage solutions are as versatile as they are functional. Harkel Office’s team of experts can help you select the best storage solution for your patient and resident rooms, no matter your budget or style.

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