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  • 4 Reasons to Include Modular Furniture in your Design

    Changes to the way we work mean that many businesses have had to revisit the functionality of their office spaces. Hybrid workforces are becoming more popular, with many team members spending only part of their time in the office. This change in working styles means that workplaces need to be flexible in order to accommodate constantly changing requirements and needs; gone are the days of the cubicle, as shared workstations continue to gain popularity. To accommodate for these changing needs, modular furniture pieces have increased in popularity due to their flexibility, increased functionality, and modern style.

  • Optimizing Student Spaces in Higher Education

    Higher education students who spend more time on their campus are more likely to succeed in their studies. However, how do you create student spaces that encourage students to spend their time on campus, rather than heading home? Higher education should put an emphasis on designing for more than just learning; lecture halls and labs should be complemented by student-centric areas, allowing students to use their chosen educational institution to its fullest.

  • How to Design for a Hybrid Workforce

    In today’s workforce, hybrid working is becoming increasingly popular. As workers show their preference for a hybrid work model, the question arises: how do you keep hybrid employees happy? With a combined schedule of at-home and in-office work, it is important to update workspaces with hybrid work in mind in order to retain employees and attract prospective workers. Designing a space that captures the benefits of in-office work, while also making the most of the comforts of home, is an important step towards finding balance in a hybrid office. This article will discuss how you can create an effective hybrid workspace to benefit your employees… no matter where they are working.

  • Designing an Eco-Friendly Home Office

    Working from home is here to stay for many, and as you make your home office permanent it is important to consider how you can continue to be eco-friendly from your home. Working from home does not mean you need to leave your environmental initiatives behind at the office! While you are already reducing your carbon-footprint and saving energy by eliminating your daily commute, it is important that your workspace itself promotes sustainable working habits to be truly environmentally conscious. Read this month’s blog to learn more about how you can create an eco-friendly workplace at home!

  • Designing for Inclusivity in a Healthcare Space

    In healthcare, the one size fits all mentality is slowly giving way to more diverse, inclusive design principles. Not only are healthcare spaces becoming more accessible overall, but it is being recognized that distinct environments supporting specific populations can improve quality of care and improve a space’s functionality. Responsibly built, thoughtful environments that accommodate all patients can improve safety, operations, and clinical outcomes of healthcare facilities, making inclusive design a priority in all modern healthcare spaces. Continue reading to learn more about what to consider when designing an inclusive healthcare space.

  • Integrating Technology into a Classroom Space

    The back-to-school season is upon us, and whether you are headed to elementary school, high school, or a higher education institution, technology is at the forefront of today’s learning strategies. Due to the prevalence of technology, it is important that it is integrated throughout educational institutions, especially within classroom spaces.

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