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  • Designing the Office to Boost Productivity Post Covid

    As we slowly return to traditional work spaces after Covid19 work from home mandates, we must begin to adjust our daily routines, as many are used to the comfort of their home offices. Despite the change, many look forward to reuniting with their colleagues and returning to a team-based, collaborative work place. However, it is important that employees return to an environment that encourages both collaboration and safety, allowing them to be both comfortable and productive. Today’s blog outlines strategies to keep in mind when redesigning your office to foster employee creativity, productivity, and comfort in a post-Covid19 world.

  • Top 5 Post-COVID Trends For Healthcare Design

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many changes, both to people’s lives and to the industries that support them. While some of these changes may not survive in a post-COVID19 world, many trends will be with us for the long-term. One of the most-changed industries is healthcare, where businesses of all sizes and disciplines have seen a change in the way they do business. These changes not only affect the way in which patients are served and treated, but in the designs and function of the spaces themselves. In this blog, you will read about the top 5 post-COVID19 trends for healthcare design.

  • Tips for a Fresh Home Office Redesign

    As work from home continues, you may feel that it is time for a home office refresh. As work from home or hybrid work models have become more common, it may also be time to put some serious planning into what has become a permanent work space. Whether you have a traditional home office, have had to make due with a small space, or are looking to change your office space all together, the tips in this article can help you plan the perfect work-from-home space for your needs.

  • 3 Important Design Trends in Educational Spaces

    Education is one of the fastest-changing industries in today’s climate, with educators and students needing to shift and adapt quickly to new circumstances. When redesigning an educational space, these shifts should be placed front-of-mind in order to ensure a functional, long-lasting space for both students and educators. Today, we discuss three design trends that are crucial to take into account when designing any educational space in order to ensure uninterrupted and quality learning for current and future students.

  • How to design a Sustainable Workplace

    Creating a sustainable workspace is a great way to help the environment, save long-term costs, and create a more inviting and desirable space for employees. While you may immediately think of a new build when it comes to implementing sustainability practices, going green is possible even for offices located in older locations. To create a truly sustainable space, work together with your employees to establish sustainable habits, implement green policies, and transform your workspace.

  • 4 Features To Look For In Health Care Furniture

    If you are in the healthcare industry, then you know that hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities have very specific furniture needs. Understanding the needs of your facility can be difficult, and finding the appropriate furniture to meet these needs can be a further challenge. At Harkel Office, we specialize in sourcing furniture to meet your individual needs in your healthcare space, taking the stress out of the decision. Today, we will cover some of the top features to look for when choosing healthcare furniture.


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