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4 Reasons to Include Modular Furniture in your Design

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4 Reasons to Include Modular Furniture in your Design

Changes to the way we work mean that many businesses have had to revisit the functionality of their office spaces. Hybrid workforces are becoming more popular, with many team members spending only part of their time in the office. This change in working styles means that workplaces need to be flexible in order to accommodate constantly changing requirements and needs; gone are the days of the cubicle, as shared workstations continue to gain popularity. To accommodate for these changing needs, modular furniture pieces have increased in popularity due to their flexibility, increased functionality, and modern style.

What is Modular Furniture?

First, you might be wondering… what is “modular furniture?” Modular furniture is furniture created with separate pieces that can be used together in various configurations to create a finished piece. Modular furniture can come in various types, styles, and sizes to suit a number of spaces and functions. For example, you might find you would like to purchase a modular couch for your living space, as it allows for flexible use for your family. Similarly, a modular desk in a workplace could accommodate a variety of users, work styles, and functions. Modular furniture has been gaining popularity in the workplace due to its flexibility and unique, customizable uses. Continue reading to learn more about why you should include modular furniture in your office redesign!

  1. Custom Rooms & Unique Spaces

If your business operates in an unusually shaped space, you may find that you have “dead space” throughout your office. This can be especially problematic if you operate within a small space. By incorporating modular furniture, you can transform unused areas into functional spaces.

Modular furniture can be arranged in multiple configurations and shapes, allowing it to be used in the most unique spaces. If you need to work around a pillar, for example, modular furniture can be arranged to accommodate this special feature. Further, modular furniture is available not only in traditional shapes, but also in unique ones such as rounded or angular, allowing you even further customization. No matter the shape of your office, modular furniture can help you customize your space, maximizing it to its full potential.

  1. Flexibility of Space

Another advantage of modular furniture is that while you can create specific layouts for certain types of work, these arrangements do not need to be permanent fixtures. With modular furniture, your layouts can change depending on your employees’ needs, creating a much more easily used, multi-purpose space. For example, a shared workstation could be made private by separating a large table into individual desks, or changing a seating configuration could transform a social space into one designed for individual or small-group work.

Your space can be constantly reconfigured based upon your business’ needs, and your employees’ work preferences. While you may not feel that modular furniture is appropriate for all areas, and that you would prefer something more “purpose-built” or traditional, including modular furniture in your design gives you the option to change a space’s function or purpose if the need does arrive. And, as modular furniture comes in all forms and styles, including desking, seating, and even wall solutions, your configurations can be truly custom while blending into your existing space, creating layouts as unique as your business.  

  1. Distinct and Separate Designs

Due to its flexible nature, modular furniture can be set up to suit a multitude of purposes. When planned properly, modular furniture can even be used to create distinctions between “rooms” in an open space. Modular furniture can help to create distinct spaces and be rearranged into new spaces as needed.

By arranging spaces by colour or theme, you can give modular spaces distinct identities, differentiating them from other spaces. For example, a lounge area designed in one colour or style could be placed next to workstations with their own distinct style; while they could be arranged or “joined” to create a new space, each existing area would have its own distinct identity, allowing users to feel they are in their own space. To further distinctions between spaces, include modular partition walls—available in both transparent or solid finishes—which can be relocated to add additional privacy as needed.

  1. Reinvigorate Your Design

Finally, one of the most interesting aspects of modular design is that pieces can be mixed and matched to create truly unique and dynamic spaces. Use colours, patterns, and shapes to not only reinvigorate your style and reflect your brand identity, but also create an interesting space that your employees are excited to work in.

Bright colours and bold patterns can evoke a playful brand identity, while muted colours will bring a more sophisticated ambience to a space. Either way, don’t hesitate to mix and match your modular pieces. A mix of beige and navy blue modular furniture pieces, for example, are still classy while bringing personality into a space. If a product section is damaged, or no longer suits your style, it can be easily replaced without discarding a full furniture piece or setup. By incorporating modular furniture into your design, you can keep your space constantly feeling fresh and new!

Using modular furniture in your office design is a great way to keep your space dynamic and interactive, with the ability to meet your employees’ needs. Flexibility and adaptability are a priority for today’s hybrid workforce, and workers are in search of employers who can meet their work needs and preferences. If you would like to incorporate modular furniture into your design but are unsure where to start, contact the experts at Harkel Office. Our consultants have extensive product knowledge and can work with you to select the furniture pieces that suit your needs, budget, and style. When you work with Harkel Office, you can be confident you will Get It Right.


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